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Established 2008

Telephone: (480) 214-3041      Email:
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80000 lbs Mis-cut Split Breasts
40 lb bulk with liner Small L.W. Birds
Export Approved $.505 c lb Fob GA
710 cs Uncooked Chicken Strip Fritters
Packed 6-5 lbs clear bags $.75 c lb Fob MO
Fully Cooked Shredded Chicken
Boil in the bag 5-6 lbs
$1.80 lb Fob MO
RTC Battered  Dark Meat Chicken Fritters
Packed 10-4 lbs No samples sold as is
$.60 c lb Del Truck only
Loads Family Pack Tray Drumsticks
Clear film no dates on trays new production
Approved for Mexico $.39 c lb Fob GA
Load Chicken Tender Trim
4 X 10 lbs bulk current Approved for Mexico
$.69 c lb Fob GA & MS
15 dwn chicken breast trim
40 lb cs new production approved for Mexico
$.57 c lb Fob GA $.60 c lb Fob TX
10% Marinated Breast Portions
2050 cs Packed 24/5 oz portions to a case  
1880 cs Packed 24/7 oz portions to a case
Both offered at $1.84 lb Fob AR
Loads 15 dwn 40 lb no liner
Production April 2017 forward
Not approved for Export
$.48 c lb Fob NC
Loads 15 dwn 40 lb cs
Oct/Nov 2017 Production 
$.54 c lb Fob AL
Load Fully Cooked BBQ Wings
Pack 2-5 lbs clear bags with inserts
Julian dated Late Jan & Feb 2017
$1.32 lb Fob TX
9300 lbs Tilapia Fillets
These are packed 4 oz Retail Bags
 with 2 IVP 2 oz Fillets per Bag
40 bags per 10 lb cs
Best Buy January 2018
$.98 c lb Fob NJ

450 cs 7-9 oz Tilapia IQF  Fillets
 Age issues 22 lb cs
Expired Nov 2017 
$.59 c lb Fob NJ

500 cs Domestic Catfish Nuggets
IQF 15 lb cs $.85 c lb Fob Los Angeles

10000 lbs 2-4 oz  Wild Dover Sole Fillets
Skinless & Boneless IQF 10 lb cs
 Once frozen chemical free
$1.75 lb Fob Seattle

15000 lbs Ocean Run Cooked & Peeled Shrimp Meat
Product of USA Packed 4-5 lbs IQF
$1.85 lb Fob Seattle

700 cs 8-10 Grenadier Fillets Deep Skinned
 Pin bone out IQF 10 lb cs
In code Until June 2018
$.69 c lb Fob Los Angeles
1500 cs 2-4 oz Alaskan Pollock Fillets
Skinless & Boneless IQF Chemical free
Once Frozen 25 lb cs
Production 2017 Season in Alaska
Product guaranteed quality
$1.65 lb Fob Seattle

800 cs 2-4 oz Alaskan Pollock Fillets
Skinless & Boneless Shatter pack 3-15 lbs
From the Alaskan B season of 2016
Product is guaranteed for quality
$1.65 lb Fob Seattle

36000 lbs 2-3 oz Swai Fillets
Skinless & Boneless
85/86% moisture 100% net weight
IQF 15 lb cs Product of Vietnam
$2.13 lb Fob NJ

Domestic Catfish Mis- cut fillets
Production Sept/Oct 2016
Dating on box is internal coding.
No expiration dates
2400 cs IVP 10 lb cs $2.10 lb Fob FL
800 cs IQF 15 lb cs $2.05 lb Fob FL
Salmon Buyers  
Those who know and those that don't
Alaskan Arctic Chums out of Norton sound Alaska
Have some of the best meat color at much cheaper pricing than Coho and Sockeye Salmon.
We have good quantities of
Ocean Run  6 lb average H&G Chum Salmon
Packed in Totes  August to September season 2017
We have #1 and also# 2
 that are only graded #2 for slight skin color blemishes
#1 & #2 Fish are $2.45 lb Fob Seattle
375 cs Beef Tenderloin Tails Spec 3-5" in Length
Pack dates 4-1-2017 to present all guaranteed
Packed 2-5 lbs $3.35 lb Fob MO
1095 cs Beef Stew Meat
Packed 2-5 lbs Spec 90% Lean Tenderloin Tips
Approximate 1" Diced
Pack Dates 10-1-2016 to present all guaranteed
$2.05 lb Fob MO
766 cs Fully Cooked Cocktail Sausage
Packed 21 lb cs
$.85 c lb Fob MO
3100 cs Fully Cooked Sliced Roast Beef- Med Cook
Pack 10 lb c.w. 5-6 packages per cs
$2.25 lb Fob MO
256 cs Pork Neck Bones 
30 lb cs $.44 c lb Fob NJ
150 cs Chunk Liverwurst #1 $.79 c lb Fob NJ
400 cs Hat Sliced Canadian Ham 6 oz $.89 c lb Fob NJ
3000 cs Pini Packaged Bacon
 24/4.5 oz pkgs  6.75 lb cs 
$.69 c lb Fob NJ
250 cs Bone In Turkey Breast 4/8 $.89 c lb Fob NJ
450 cs Pork Baby back Rib Pieces 10 lb Retail bx
$.89 c lb Fob NJ
275 cs Boneless Pork Butts 1/4" Trim 4-1 pc
$1.10 lb Fob NJ
410 cs Pork Tenders VP 8-2 pc $1.95 lb Fob NJ
Loads Beef Spleen 60 lb nude block
Plate frozen Denatured 15 months newer
$.23 c lb Fob KS
Pork Loin Roast Retail Boneless ABF
Packed 60-12 oz $1.39 lb Fob NY
Load #1 Stack Bacon $1.92 lb Fob SD
Loads Bulk Color IWS Slices 30 lb cs
All #1 Quality $.80 c lb Fob Utah
Load White IWS Slices 30 lb cs
All #1 Quality $.80 c lb Fob Utah
Loads Ind wrapper Pepper Jack placed in Totes
Approx 2000 lbs Good product all clean over runs
$.64 c lb Fob Utah
38000 lbs IQF Pineapple Chunks
Packed 20 lb & 30 lb cs
Best By 6-25-2018 29970 lbs
Best By 9-23-2018 8200 lbs
COA available Product of Costa Rica
$.55 c lb Del CA
17370 lbs Cultivated Blueberries
30 lb cs
Best By 2-28-2018
COA available
$.70 c lb Del CA
840 cs 10" Irish Cream Pie
Packed 6/35 oz 
Just produced available due to sloppy whipped cream 
Dome pack Pallets cannot be double stacked
$9.30  cs   Fob Chicago
That is $1.55 per cake weighting  35 oz
6818 East Beverly Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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TEL (480) 214-3041
CELL (480) 450-3102

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