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 load small miscut wings  4 x1 0 lbs
  ready in 2weeks Mexico approved
  $.82 Fob AL and TX - double pick
 loads of medium miscut wings  4 x 10 lbs
 Ready in Feb and March 
Mexico approved  $.89 fob FL 
Loads Thigh meat Skinless & Boneless
40 lb bulk Approved for Mexico $.95 c lb Fob AR
Load downgraded fillets 40 lb bulk
Approved for Mexico $.75 c lb Fob TX
Load 5 dwn breast trim 40 lb bulk
Approved for Mexico $.70 c lb Fob TX
Loads 15 dwn breast trim 40 lb cs
Approved for Mexico $.55 c lb Fob AL
Loads $.54 c lb Fob FL
Loads Medium Breast Fillets 40 lb with liner
Approved for Mexico $.99 c lb Fob FL
Loads #1 cut wings bulk 40 lb
Approved for Mexico $1.38 lb Fob TX
Load Chicken Thigh Trim Meat
Approved for Mexico
40 lb cs $.44 c lb Fob TX
Load dwn graded Tenders 40 lb bulk
Approved for Mexico $.96 c lb Fob TX
Loads Medium Chicken Fillets bulk 40 lb cs
Approved for Mexico $.88 c lb Fob TX
Load Jumbo 20 up Chicken Breast 15% solution
Boneless & Skinless
 packed 4-10 lbs Packed Feb 2017
$1.14 lb Fob TX
Loads 10 dwn Organic Chicken Breast Trim
40 lb with liner Oct 2017 production and newer
$.80 c lb Fob VA
Loads Organic/Halal Boneless Skinless Breast
5-5.5 lb L.W.
40 lb bulk CVP Liner box
3 months and newer $1.32 lb Fob VA
Great Turkey Offer
700 cs Turkey Breast o.p 2 pc Fully Cooked
$.65 c lb Fob IA
500 cs BL Turkey Breast 4 pc retail $.75 c lb Fob IA
1000 cs Ground Turkey
85% lean packed 6-3 lbs Freeze buy 12-10-17
$.69 c lb Fob IA
17500 lbs Only
Packed 4-5 lbs
Turkey breast meat, water & salt
No artificial ingredients!!
Produced Nov 2017 has 365 day shelflife
$1.15 lb Fob Ca 
40000 lbs Roasted Turkey Breast 2/3 piece
skinless whole muscle
Production from 01-06-2017 thru 08-24-2017
365 day shelf life.
 There could be mis-shaped mis-sized
 no sell by use by or freeze by
$.85 c lb Delivered

7500 lbs Alaskan 2-4 oz Cod Fillets
Skinless & Boneless Shatter 3-15 lbs
Chemical free
Once frozen Product of USA
$2.70 lb Fob Seattle
800 cs 41-50 ct Clean Tail Breaded Shrimp
Packed 6-5 lb IQF  $2.05 lb Fob Boston
500 cs 90-120+ Shrimp whole cooked IQF
11 lb cs $2.10 lb Fob Los Angeles
370 cs Snow Crab Sections 4+ oz
2016 production 20 lb cs $6.95 lb Fob NJ
300 cs Rock Crab Salad Meat 6-5 lbs
2016 production $4.60 lb Fob Boston
32000 lbs 500 ct Cooked & Peeled Shrimp Meat
West coast production IQF 20 lb cs
Chemical free production 
March 2016 
$2.50 lb Fob Seattle
40000 lbs Pollock Fillets Trim and cuts
Product of USA
Deep skinned skinless & boneless
IQF 35 lb cs $.78 c lb Fob MA
40000 lbs  Pollock Fillets Trim & Cuts
Regular Skinned Skinless & Boneless
Product of USA & China
IQF 30 lb cs $.65 c lb Fob MA
2-4 oz Grouper Fillets
Product of China IWP 10 lb cs
$2.95 lb Fob FL
10000 lbs Saku Blocks Albacore CO Treated IVP
Expired dating but no dates on the cases
Product has been sampled and reports back are product is perfect
Bring offers
 Fob Los Angeles
460 cs 7-9 oz Tilapia Fillets
Older product IQF 10 lb cs Exp Nov 2017 
 $.95 c lb Fob NJ 
90 cs Beef Tenders Peeled nr excel
Frozen 12-17 production
$7.10 lb Fob IA

69000 lbs Beef 50's
Poly free 60 lb cs Tested
3 months and newer
 $.81 c lb Fob TX

820 cs Nicaraguan 85% Lean
6 months old $1.95 lb Fob PA

Load XF Beef Trim FCO $.42 c lb Fob
1000 cs Smoked Pork Roll
Packed 2-5 lbs $.46 c lb Fob IA
800 cs HF Italian Sausage crumble
Fully Cooked 2-5 lbs $.46 c lb Fob IA
600 cs Fully Cooled Italian Pork Sausage crumble #2
Packed 40 lb cs with liner $.65 c lb Del
40000 lbs 72% Pork Trimmings
Packed in freezer box Ready next week
$.79 c lb Fob IA
Load 42% Pork Trim $.37 c lb Fob Chicago
Loads IBP 1 pc Cryovac Back ribs
$2.09 lb Fob
3500 cs Beer Battered Onion Rings
Not preformed packed 10 lb cs
Just produced no best by or use by
Asking for offers Fob Chicago 
call for pictures more details

Looking for the following
Frozen Seafood in date or out
 Turkey thigh meat.
Meat offers in date or out.

Let me help move your dead inventory.
Send all details.
 Thanks David
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