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1800 cs Tenders pack 8-5 lb flat pack
Rejected made by major packer
Asking for Offers AL
Load Tender Trim 40 lbs $.54 c lb Fob GA
Loads 5 dwn Breat Trim
50 lb no liner $.50 c lb Fob GA
Load 15 dwn trim
 age crushed & bloody boxes $.27 c lb Fob
Loads Chicken Backs 40 lb bulk
$.16 c lb Fob GA
Loads Breast Chunk 5 dwn
4-10 lbs $.57 c lb Fob
Load Fully Cooked Popcorn chicken
Looks more like chunks breading has some voids
10 lb cs
Packed March 2017
$.45 c lb Fob
900 cs 15 dwn Breast Trim
One year old 40 lbs no liner
$.34 c lb Fob DE
280 cs 5-8 lbs Pacific Halibut Fillets
Chemical free 100% net weight
Skinless & Boneless Processed in China
Packed 30 lb cs
$10.65 lb Fob Seattle
10000 lbs 40-60 Alaskan H&G Halibut
Toted & Trimmed 2017 production
MSC Certified    
$5.95 lb Fob Seattle
400 cs U-15 Argentine Headless Shell on Shrimp
Packed 10 x 2 lb bags
Production August 2017 Best use by August 2019
$4.95 lb Fob NJ
2300 cs 2-3 oz Swai Fillets IQF
Product of Vietnam
100% Net Weight 15 lb cs
Production July 2017
Best By July Thru August 2017
$2.50 lb Fob Louisiana
36000 lbs 7-9 oz Tilapia Fillets 
 IQF Skinless & Boneless 10 lb cs 
Production date 6-20-2015
Has some issues freezer burn etc.
 That is why it is
 $.79 c lb Fob TX
Load #1 Premium Layout Bacon 14-18 slice
Packed May & newer 2018
 This will sell below market
We will consider serious reasonable offers
You will save money but be realistic for a true #1 Product
1000 cs FRESH #2 Sliced Slab Bacon
Packed 20 lbs Production May 2018
We can freeze for you,if you need
$1.59 lb Fob MO
Load Premier 72% Pork Trimmings
Production 3-1-18 and newer $.67 c lb Fob IA
Out Front Pre-Booking
Central America
One Load Chuck 85% Lean
$1.95 lb Fob US
1/2 fcl Bull Meat 95% Lean
 $2.20 lb Fob US
Arrival Mid July
Call for a full list of our Cheesecakes & Cake Rolls
Bakery Products
815 cs 9" Pecan Pies 6-32 oz $13.00 cs Fob IL
700 cs 10" Irish Cream 6-35 oz $10.00 cs Fob IL
2.5 Loads Seasoned Mashed Potatoes
Production Dates 4-19-2018 thru 4-24-2018
One year shelf life
1840 cs per load can be bought well below market
Call for more info
1400 cs Process Diced American Cheese
It is 1/4 processed Diced American Packed 4-5 lbs
There is a  date printed on side of box & Bag
June 03 2016 just a pack date
$1.20 lb Fob Los Angeles
720 cs Cookies  Packed 720 cookies 
Lunchables Vanilla Sandwich Cremes per 25 lb cs
Best if used by 09-10-18
That is a cost of $0.145 c per cookie
 which are 2" in diameter & just under 1/2" in thickness
 These are current photos  
product was tested and eaten today. Taste great no issues
$10.50 cs Fob NY
New Selection of Cheeses

E Mail for full list you will save money!
Below some of our offers call for full list 
Subject: Process Diced American
It is 1/4 processed diced American. Packed 4/5 # and I have about 1400 cases.
70 cases per pallet
There is a date printed on the side of the box & bag "June 03 2016" Just a pack date.
No restrictions.

Pricing would be $1.10 per lb. FOB Los Angeles
We have these 4 Loads of 30 lb. bulk Color IWS Slices and 1 Load of 30 lb. White IWS Slices
all number one good product.
We have 3 Loads that just came into our St George Utah Warehouse and we are looking to move them.
Cheese is excellent quality.

We are looking for $0.82 per lb. FOB St George Utah.
6818 East Beverly Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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