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Established 2008

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Load Breaded Chicken Breast
15% solution 10 lb cs
$.35 c lb Fob MS

Loads Tender Chicken Fritters
10 lb bulk
Oldest production date April 2017 moving forward
$.29 c lb Fob MS

Loads #1 Fully Cooked
Formed Chicken Breast Chunks Nuggets
4-5 lb bags Extension letter available
$.64 c lb Fob

21000 lbs Medium Drumsticks
About one year old packed 8-5 lbs and 4-0 lb bulk
Mexico Approved
Can fill out a load with other dark meat
at different prices if needed
$.15 c lb Fob Chicago

Load Chicken Thigh Trim
New Production 40 lb cs with liner
$.43 c lb Fob Houston

1500 cs 4 oz Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded Chicken Patties
#1 product 90/4 oz per 22.5 lb cs
$1.30 lb Del
1900 cs Fully Cooked Popcorn Chicken Fritters
2-5 lb clear bags $.74 c lb Fob MO

30000 lbs Wayne farms Tender Trim
Code 12449
April and newer 40 lb bulk no issues
Bring me bids Fob Houston TX

Loads Boneless Breast Fillets 4-10 lbs CVP
Great product no issues
April forward kill dates
Asking for offers Fob MS
700 cs Miscut Roaster Wings
Packed around 6-25-2018
40 LB CO 2
$.84 c lb Fob Houston TX

40000 lbs #2 Uncooked Tempura Chicken Breast Nugget
Current production 20 lb cs
$1.04 lb Fob GA

3.5 oz Cooked Spicy Fillets
#2 Labeled Not Ready to Eat
They are Fully Cooked
Have letter from supplier that they are fully cooked
3.5 oz Cooked Spicy Fillets 10 lb cs
$.70 c lb Fob GA

Loads Chicken Boneless Breast
40 lb bulk Medium
Approved for Mexico $.65 c lb Fob FL  
Meat Deals
40000 lbs Turkey Hen Necks
Current production 30 lb cs
$.36 c lb Fob East Coast
20 down Hams Individual Bagged 3 pc
$.80 c lb Fob NC
Load 42% Pork Trim
$.39 c lb Fob Chicago
Load XF Beef Trim Tyson FCO $.34 c lb Fob
Loads of Chitts
IBP Buckets $.58 c lb Del
Wilson Buckets $.75 c lb Del
Wilson 5 lb bags chitts $.88 c lb Del
Load IBP #2 Derind Bellies boxed $.78 c lb Fob IA
Load Tongues Sow Jimmy Dean 40 lb ploy $.69 c lb Fob TN
316 cs Three Cheese Sauce
4 bags 5 lb each Julian Dated 730 day frozen shelf Life
$.84 c lb Fob OH
ALKA All Natural Iced Tea
Made with Alkaline water
378 cs Mango
882 cs Lemon
630 cs Peach
630 cs Raspberry
12-16 oz PET Bottles per cs
126 cases per pallet x 20 pallets = 2520 cs per load
Exp date 11-5-2019
$2.00 per case Fob Las Vegas
8715 lbs Diced Cooked Andouille Sausage
Packed in cases Best by 1-20-2019
Asking for offers  

We are offering a huge saving on
Pollock also Hake Minced Blocks
Call for inventory
FAS 2017 Production 3 x 16.5 lb blocks
Call for details
$.30 c lb Fob Seattle

3500 CS 7-9 oz Chinese Catfish Fillets
100% net weight IQF 15 lb cs
Best Before 12-18-18
$1.70 lb Fob GA

Mahi Fillet Skin on CO Treated
Nicaragua 50 lb cs IVP
3-5 lbs $3.55 lb
5-7 lbs $3.40 lb
Fob Miami, NJ & Los Angeles

200 cs 5-8 lbs Indonesian CO Treated Tuna Loins
Center cut $5.30 lb Fob Los Angeles

400 cs 21-25 ct Raw Ez-Peel IQF Shrimp
Indonesian 10 x 1 lbs $3.95 lb Fob NJ

31-35 ct Raw PND Tail on IQF Shrimp
Non Phosphate
5 x 2 lbs India $4.10 lb Fob Miami

16-32 oz Cod Fillets
100% net weight IQF China
25 lb cs
$3.10 lb Fob Miami
4000 lbs Clam Meat Natural IQF Chopped Sea Clams
1/2" size
Wild caught product of USA
1000 lbs Totes Asking for Offers
10760 lbs IQF 3/8" Chopped Clams Non Infused
35 x 25 lb bags per totes 875 lbs
Age of Manufacture date 9-27-17 300 lbs
10-2-17 10460 lbs
Asking for offers
5564 lbs Clam Broth Concentrate
Packed Drums
Manufacture Dates 9-27-17 forward
Asking for Offers
3or 4 Pallets left
Whole Cooked PEI Mussels
In Thai Red Curry Sauce
Packed 10 x 2 x 1lb bags
Best By 12-2017
In Perfect condition
$.25 c lb Fob NC
4 oz Cod Tails Skinless IQF 10 lb cs
$2.40 lb Fob Seattle

2 oz Cod Loins IQF China
10 lb cs $3.35 lb Fob Seattle

3 oz Cod Loins IQF China $3.35 lb Fob Seattle
5 oz Cod Loins IQF China$3.35 lb Fob Seattle

Ocean Run 4-8 oz Alaskan Cod Miscuts
Shatter pack 3-15 lbs $3.85 lb Fob Seattle

Call for great deals on Alaskan Pollock once frozen fillets
Market is going up due to quota cuts
Call now before deals are gone

Wild Round Alaskan Rock fish on sale
Call for great savings

Month end specials Fob Los Angeles
47 cs Wild 16-20 Ecuador whites 6-5 lbs $5.00 lb Fob

40 cs Lobster CKL Meat Brk 6-2 lbs $13.50 lb Fob

100 cs Lobster CK Meat 6-2 lbs $17.50 lb Fob

900 cs Mahi Mahi Pieces 2-3 oz 10 lb cs $3.85 Lb Fob

500 cs 6 oz Mahi Mahi IVP BLO Taiwan 10 lb cs $5.25 lb Fob

800 cs 8 oz Mahi Mahi IVP BLO Taiwan 10 lb cs $5.35 lb Fob

14000 lbs 1.71 to 2.19 oz Hand cut Cod Portions
40 lb cs China Production dated 12-8-17 forward
Asking for Offers Fob GA

16000 lbs 3.49 to 3.99 oz Hand Cut Cod Portions
40 lb cs China Production date 12-22-17 forward
Asking for Offers Fob GA

20000 lbs Haddock Blocks PBO 1 X F MSC 3-16.5 lbs
Production date 11-16-17 Product of Iceland
Asking for Offers Fob GA
20-up Gold King Crab
$12.35 lb Fob Seattle
I have many Loads of H&G Alaskan Cod Pot caught
Call for inventory and prices
Load IBP Stomachs
$1.30 lb Fob IA

ST Louis Ribs
Loads 1 pc size 2.5 & up 10 pieces per cs
35 lb cs
$1.59 lb Fob MI
Pork Tenderloins
Loads 2 pc cryovac pork tenderloins
$1.65 lb Fob IA,IL.NC
3000 cs Sliced Slab Bacon
Packed 5 kg
Production date 11-10-2016
$.49 c lb Fob Chicago
6818 East Beverly Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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