DK Supplies LLC
Established 2008

DK Supplies sells product both Fob (Free on Board) where the product is in cold storage, to arranging delivered pricing. We will sell you Fob or release to your own truck or instructions.

Using both common carriers and major venders own trucking lines. All carriers are fully insured for all your foods both fresh & frozen.
Again, with over Thirty plus years in the business we have created a huge data base. This enables us to get the most current and competitive prices at the time of shipment.

 Many of our trucking lines now use intermodal Freight Transport using road and rail. Delivering the reefer to the cold storage or destination plant and or warehouse. If the orders are large enough then we just ship railcars at a time. Every shipment large or small is completely temperature checked during the whole process.

Whole truck loads can be sent to one destination or parts of the load can also be dropped off at different locations along the way.
LTL’s are all part of our business so it does not matter if you are buying a load or a few 1000 lbs we can quote you a current fair price whatever your needs maybe. However, we all know in today’s markets the more you ship the cheaper it will be.

Venders Cold Storages are all audited for temperatures and have strict guide lines for the handling of foods.

Our goal is to make the sale or purchase as hassle free as possible. We pride ourselves on our follow up and making sure your products arrive in perfect condition and when you expect them to arrive.